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Record Dealer and Producer DBA has been putting in work since the late 80s and earning a lot of clout in the process. It is that clout that has helped him enlist features from some of the hardest MCs in rap right now and if you needed proof, this new track is exhibit A.
Hollow Tips sees Planet Asia, part of rap’s old guard, unite with the new school – namely Conway the Machine and J Scienide. The result is a menacing concoction, packed full of heavy drums and hard hitting bars. "Hollow Tips" is the first single off the lp "Official Crate Music"... coming Spring 2019.

Producing since the late 80s until now is what gives DBA an edge over the rest. It is no easy feat. DBA produced the "Khaos & DBA - Honey-Glazed Skins.EP” in 1992... which goes for quite a bit of money amongst collectors.  It was featured on an early Japanese 90s Hip-Hop mixtape by DJ Sumac and DJ Komuro called "Cross Collector".  

Always digging... DBA turned into a record dealer in 1999, and has served up quite a selection of sampleable vinyl to many well known producers and collectors.  DBA now turns back a page in time to his production... creating the lp he has wanted to make for the last 25 years.  "Hollow Tips" came in at #1 for the 06/05/2017 Top Ten list for Insomnia Magazine (and #3 on the Dot Got It list)!  Stay Tuned for "Official Crate Music".. the lp.  August 2017 on the Official Crate Music label.

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