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Interviews with top collectors, established and up and coming producers and artists are being worked on as we type this. This section will be updated weekly.  If you are interested in an interview, email us at

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I caught a video on Facebook by this artist... and it definitely caught my ear.   Real rhymes.. real flow... just REAL.  A definite change from the mumble rap thats prevalent right now.  

Straight out of Baltimore, MD.. meet DREX/L.T.G.!  

DUST ADDICTS is a pair of veteran DJs/Producers that are obsessed with the vinyl record music medium. They're addicted to hunting for rare dusty undiscovered vinyl gems. Usually, these records have been stored and forgotten about for a number years hence the presence of grime, dirt but mainly "dust." These old funky records, which spans all genres of music are often called "Dusty Grooves" by the vinyl community.   Meet the Dust Addicts! 

While out digging (as we always do) at the Baltimore Record Bazaar a few months ago.. i ran across a table that had a few interesting pieces.. and we talked.  It turned out that these sellers were producers.  They gave me their stickers and a promo cd.. and i checked their music out... DOPE to say the least!  Everybody..... please meet MYSTERY SOUND RECORDINGS.

I was listening to DJ Premier's “Live Headqcourters Radio Show".. and heard a joint with a sample that i wanted to flip alittle while ago... but the way this dude was flowing on top of this beat... I had to find out who it was....  so i did some research and tracked it down.. and I listened to more of his material... the man is TOP NOTCH!  Meet NapsNDreds,

M.A.R is a rap artist from Bridgeport, CT, he co-headlined with Chris webby on tour for 14 cities, he has opened for acts such as 4 time grammy nominated artist 2 chainzs at Webster bank arena, Lupe Fiasco, Beanie Sigel, Juelz Santana of DipSet, Young Jeezy, Lloyd Banks, headlined his own 5 city tour in the northeast region featuring Dave east and more . A featured artist on Jackthriller 16orbetta episode and He also embarked on the TopMics Tour sponsored by the Source Magazine, which he was featured as a headlining artist. M.A.R. will not rest until he is one of the biggest names in the Hip Hop world.  Check out our interview with M.A.R.!

We here at Official Crate Music first came in contact with Bozack Morris on Instagram a few years ago.. he copped some vinyl we were selling.  One day recently... I came across his IG page and heard his new project he was putting out and was literally blown away!  From this we here at Official Crate Music are expecting big things production wise and from his label... meet Bozack Morris...

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We here at Official Crate Music first noticed producer Lucky Loopiano on instagram.   When he mentioned the IDE lp.. and we heard a few tracks... we had to give this dude some shine.  Dope beats... definitely be on the lookout for this dude and his material.  Check out the interview with one of our favorite clients.. Lucky Loopiano.

Big respect to this man.. his sound is bringing back that gritty hip hop.. the way its supposed to sound.  The producer Daringer graced Official Crate Music with an incredile interview.... Check it out!

When you talk about world class DJs who spin that real... one of the first DJs you think about is the Nostalgia King himself.. Skeme Richards!  Skeme blessed Official Crate Music with an incredible interview where he drops knowledge on Philly, the Second City of Hip Hop... his worldwide Hot Peas and Butta parties.. and more.  Check it out!

Meet producer Juelz White... who's making some noise with the "Camouflage Hilfiger" - Westside Gunn track and the "Braille" joint with Planet Asia, Fashawn, and Turbin...this kid has got some beats! 

Official Crate Music Interview: VANDERSLICE

The producer with top-notch artists including Vinnie Paz, Freddie Gibbs, and Evidence on his resume... We caught up with Vanderslice to talk vinyl and music, which for him are really one in the same.

"Nice with the Beats and Nice with the Raps".... Official Crate Music sits down the man J Scionide.. who talks about his past...present... and future projects... meet J Scionide.

Record Dealer and Producer Beatnick Dee talks crazy digging stories, as well as his new LP "Creative Medicine"!

Official Crate Music talks with Super Producer Gensu Dean.. the man with 3 Stark Reality lps!  Having laced artists like CL Smooth, Large Professor, Planet Asia, David Banner, 7even Thirty, Sean Price (RIP).. and the list goes on.  Check out the interview!

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Its truly an honor to have the legend himself Supreme La Rock be the first interview for Official Crate Music!  

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