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What's up Supreme La Rock... it’s been a minute for real.  I want to thank you for being the first to do a mix cd on my site back in the day (It Never Ends.. BaghatVinyl Mix CD Vol 1).. and now... the first interview on the new website.  It’s hard to believe that was about 10 years ago.  I see you doing it real big on the DJ scene now.. is it right you are the official DJ for the Seattle Seahawks? How did that come about?

Well I was for the past 2.5 years but I just walked away from it last week. Amazing experience to be a part of the establishment for their Super Bowl win. Basically they have 2 dj's and one they already had screwed up somehow, was late too many times or something I don't know but when they were looking for a new one my man who is the other dj looked out for me.

What other residencies do you currently have?

Saturday Love @ The Woods, Rhino Room, Sophisticated Mama (45 Party) and a vinyl night every 1st Weds. @ the W Hotel. Other than that I bounce around a whole lot. If anyone wants me to come out to their city shoot an email to:

You definitely have one of the world's deepest record collections...   What's that one record at the top of your wants list?

I do? I'll be honest I had a lot of heavy hitters early in the game, I'm not so sure about deep and I say this because I learn about something new everyday. There's 1000's of records on my wants list. The Gloria Barnes LP has eluded me for close to 3 decades. The one that is currently up for sale online I found just earlier today was priced 3 times the going rate. No thanks! 

What’s your most prized piece of wax? 

They all mean something different to me. It might not even be rare or expensive but is prized because it's so good. Feel me? As far as rarities go though probably the TJ Hustler album. 

I know your collection is crazy.. who has the illest crates you’ve seen?

Some random unknown japanese guy that posted on instagram. With that being said I love your instagram feed (d2175), Beats4daze, Manduro3000 and dj_young_einstien. 

Music marks time to me.. there has to be some records that take you back to a certain time when you hear them.. What are some of those records that you pull out to play and makes you reminisce?  

I mean damn near all of them! I can almost remember where I found every record and the story behind them. A lot of AOR takes me back to being a young kid because I remember those songs from them or certain yacht rock joints. Jimmy Castor, Bob James, Apache, Baby Huey where some of the very first breaks I found as a young teen, so they all bring back instant memories as well.

One of my favorite lines from Still D.R.E. is “they say rap’s changes.. they want to know how i feel about it”… how do you feel about the current state of hip hop? 

Hip hop will always be hip hop so perhaps what you might be asking is how I feel about popular so called hip hop? LOL  I say this because a lot of things with the word hip hop attached to it is not hip hop. Is popular ignorant rap with a mega slow tempo and a two note melody hip hop? No it isn't. So I have no feeling about that as i'm not into it. I'm into hip hop and there's great new hip hop it's just not commercially successful or popular.

I loved the original Wheedle’s Groove comp that  you helped put together for Light in the Attic Records.  Will there be any more “Wheedle’s Groove” comps?

I highly doubt it but you'll see more re issues from me, edits, etc. on numerous different labels.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

Just did an edit of a mega rare boogie 45 for PPU, working on a rap comp. for Roots Forward 

Any advice for someone just starting out digging.. or DJing for that matter?  What advice do you have for people who want to follow in your footsteps?

Yeah as far as digging it's both harder and easier these days at the same time. Harder because it's way more expensive then it's ever been and a lot of the heavy stuff just isn't sitting in bins like it was when I started but it's easier because you can find out about stuff from sites like who sampled and find the records on sites like this one. You've already went out and did the hard work and all someone needs to do is pay you for it. My advice though is listen to everything! The same thing ALMOST applies to dj'n it's popular at the moment and computer programs and streaming services make it easier than ever so it's extra difficult to stand out amongst the 1000's that do it. 

Anything you want to add?  Any shout outs?

Yes I want to add a huge thank you to you. You were there and supported me in the beginning and still here 20 years later. That's pretty amazing. I initially didn't know it was you when I found your IG feed and I was like this fool has some heat! LOL Happy you're still here and doing this and happy I am as well. As you know life is rough and has its hurdles but at the end of the day we do this because we love it and it's a blessing to be here. Follow me on IG @supremelarock  watch for my podcast "Can You Dig It" coming soon.......

Thanks for the kind words my man.. you have definitely been an inspiration.. you are one of the kings of this thing!


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