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We here at Official Crate Music first came in contact with Bozack Morris on Instagram a few years ago.. he copped some vinyl we were selling.  One day recently... I came across his IG page and heard his new project he was putting out and was literally blown away!  From this we here at Official Crate Music are expecting big things production wise and from his label... meet Bozack Morris...

Give a brief history of Bozack Morris...

I’ve been working the hip hop scene out here in Toronto for like 16 years or something. I’ve been known out here for promoting, hosting and dj’ing events and also hosting and dj’ing our hip hop radio show on vibe1055 called "The Plug”. It’s only recently I started putting out my production public. To be honest I got really unfulfilled doing parties and events, so I started focusing on music, which I’ve always been passionate about.

How long have you been producing?  How did you start?

I’d say i started taking production seriously in 2012. I copped an ASR10 when i was younger and fucked around with it, but never really going in on it. It wasn’t until 2012 when my ASR died on me and i copped an MPC1000 when i really started going at it. I was heavily inspired by seeing my people Marco Polo and Frank Dukes popping off. Them dudes is like my dads. They really proved to me that you can make things happen even if you’re north of the border.

How long have you been digging?

I been digging since i was a teenager. It started off just collecting samples for hip hop records, but soon after guys like Toronto digging gods DJ Serious, Arcee, Attic, Moss, Kaewonder, etc. put me on to things. Then I kinda moved into my own direction when i started making beats. Now my digging habits is kinda stupid now. The type of shit i buy now would probably confuse the shit out the teenage version of myself.

What equipment are you using now?

The main piece in my studio is the MPC1000. I sample everything into that, sequence everything in the box, and dump it into protools for mixing. I also use the SP404 to get that raw compression of the vinyl sim. I like shit a little over compressed & distorted.

As for producing.. are you strictly crates…or do you deal with synths/keyboards at all?

Definitely use synths and keyboards. I’ve got a slim phatty moog, microkorg, and Kontact instruments for additional instrumentation. My music is very sample based, but i definitely like to add instrumentation to fill things out and compliment the sample. 

What are some of your earlier projects?

Loose Cannons is my first real project. I’ve released some dj mixes, some remixes and instrumentals online, but those were things just to put out there. The Loose Cannons project is the first project, where I’m actually going in.  I’d say this project is a real representation of who i am and where i’m at mentally and spiritually right now.

The first joint i heard was that “Never Change” featuring Conway the Machine and Westside Gunn… like I told you before…straight FIRE my man.  How did the “Loose Cannons project come about?

Loose Cannons was supposed to be my album at first. I had a different name, but I had to wait for some things to get done before i was allowed to release it. I was in Detroit one night for the iStandard beat competition earlier this year and I got the joint from Conway and Westside. We pressed play and me and my homie Big Jacks was in complete awe. I was like, fuck waiting for these other joints, we need to get this out as soon as possible. So i decided to split the album up into a series of 7” singles and called it Loose Cannons. Never Change & Mak 90 is the first instalment of the series.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

Well first and foremost is to put out the rest of the Loose Cannons series. Most of the songs have been recorded already, so you should be seeing the next 7” singles very soon. I’d like to keep the features a surprise, but if you happen to be a fan of the first record, you should be down with the rest of the series. Also expect more releases from myself and other dope shit on the GGBR Records & Tapes label (Which is the label curated by Big Jacks and myself).

Who are your top 5 producers all time? Who are your biggest influences?

Specifically in no particular order, my top 5 hip hop producers of all time:


J Dilla



Pete Rock

To be honest i could probably swap out any one of those guys with someone else depending only mood. I know I played it pretty safe with that list.


One of the biggest influences musically for the past couple years is Black Sabbath tho. Them dudes was making dark ass blues records that just became its own genre. The way that paranoid album makes you feel. I want to make music that makes you feel like that. I been listening to a lot of dark synthy prog, european soundtracks and libraries, and spiritual jazz too. Been more about things that are less “funky” and more “moody”. If it sounds like they did a shitload of drugs while making it, it’s probably included on my list of musical influences in the past few years.


All them things and God.

Anything you want to add?  Any shout outs?

Shouts out to you and Official Crate Music. You the plug homie! I appreciate the support. Oh yeah and I flipped the last joints i copped from you too.  Been meaning to tell you that.

To cop that new "Loose Cannons", go to Bozack Morris' bandcamp page at 

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