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Big respect to this man.. his sound is bringing back that gritty hip hop.. the way its supposed to sound.  The producer Daringer graced Official Crate Music with an incredile interview.... Check it out!

For those who don’t know you.. give a brief history of Daringer…. you’re from Bufflo, correct?  You and your crew are definitely putting Buffalo on the map.

Indeed  i was born and raised in Buffalo. Surrounded by a family of jazz musicians that led me to becoming a Dj/Producer 13 yrs ago roughly. 

How long have you been producing?  How did you start?

I've been producing since 05' when I was able to finance an Mpc. After that is when I started goin thru my pops record collection and got into sampling & further collecting records.  

What equipment are you using now?

I was mainly working with the Mpc2500 until the wear and tear broke it down. so i went back to the MPC2000xl for recording samples & transfer to the Mpc studio for an easier work flow. I also have a Rhodes 73 suitcase and a Motif i use for layering other sounds as needed

The first joint i heard was that "Rex Ryan”… my man… let me tell you…people are STARVING for that sound right now… with all the bullshit on the radio.. your sound is cutting through all of that… and you shining my man… shining!  Your production style… you pick out the ILLEST loops… sets that mood…not real complicated… its just right… what is your process?  do you find loops first?  or do you match loops to drum patterns?  how do you go about making a beat?    

Wow!  Thanks man... I appreciate that with the utmost respect.  For the most part I listen to records until I find things I'm feelin and depending on the content I'll build on it adding drums, bassline, extra sounds if needed. Sometimes if I find an ill break I wind up choppin' and sequencing that and then add sounds etc. on top..... So it really ends up coming down to what records I'm picking out and listening to for the day that sets the mood. Sometime I just wanna make a beat and end up going back to sounds and loops from previous years & whip somethin new. 

You’re working with the "new Rae and Ghost"… Conway and Westsidegunn.. thats a blessing in itself.  How did you meet them?  

Indeed def a blessing to be around such talented & unique individuals who are now like family and brothers to me. I've known WestSideGunn for about 10 years now thru mutual friends and associates.... and that was right around the time I began to DJ underground hiphop shows and events. I recall one time we were at a studio on Buffalo's eastside and this was right when I stated making beats.  I didn't have much to offer but he def seen somethin in me. Years passed and I get a message on Twitter from Gunn asking if I still make beats.. he's workin on a project. From that point forward we have been working & the rest is history!


I met Conway shortly after since he lived in Buffalo which we were able to link and build moreso since Gunn lives in Atlanta. 

Looking at your Instagram page… you got some nice pieces of vinyl.  

How long have you been digging?

I've been collecting since 04. Started out in pops crates which was mostly jazz. He is on the low one of the illest pianists in the city so there were a lot gems. went from that to funk soul rock prog psych ost's library Etc & I was Djing often so I was buying alot of records to play out and for sampling as well. My homie and partner at the time Scott Down who is known as one of the deepest diggers & got me into it heavy. He knows damn near every record with breaks and samples it's crazy! needless to say I learned from and dug with the best! 

As I told you before..i love your beats…the production style.. you bringing that grimy sound back my dude…  are you strictly crates or do you do keyboard beats as well? 

'Preciate that! strictly crates for the mostpart unless I'm creating a sample with the Rhodes or adding sounds over the top with it.  No keyboard generic shit, trap beats nothin! . 

Who are your top 5 producers all time? Who are your biggest influences?

Top 5 producers... DJ Premier, Alchemist , Rza, DITC, Pete Rock, Large Pro, Beatminerz, Mobb Deep, Madlib, Dilla..... man the list goes on.... Very hard to sum up in 5.    Qtip, De La, Eric Sermon, Hi-Tek, Flipmode Squad, Beatnuts  to add a few more.   Lot of influences that contribute to my sound. 

Any advice for someone just starting out digging.. or producing for that matter?  What advice do you have for people who want to follow in your footsteps?

Do your homework. Don't be scared to take chances on records you don't know to try to find somethin new & if you don't have a lot of bread you can always find records for cheap. There's so much on the net now that it's easy to get dope drums and sounds whereas years ago you had to dig for it! 


Far as beatmaking do what you like not because its popular or trending. If it sounds good to you and that's what your feeling do your thing! Can't be worried about other people's opinion when tryin to be creative. 

What upcoming projects are you working on?

I'm featured on several tracks on Gunn's new release Flygod that dropped in March. I'll be featured on upcoming projects for Conway, WestSideGunn, Mach-Hommy, Roc Marciano, Termanology, Rass Kass,  & more... 

Anything you want to add?  Any shout outs?

Shout out to Griselda and all the fans and artists that support my vision and music... and salute to all the diggers and beatheads that keep it official  Salute and stay diggin!! 

Connect with Daringer on Instagram @daringer_


Connect with Daringer on TWITTER @daringer_

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