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I caught a video on Facebook by this artist... and it definitely caught my ear.   Real rhymes.. real flow... just REAL.  A definite change from the mumble rap thats prevalent right now.  

Straight out of Baltimore, MD.. meet DREX/L.T.G.!  

For those who don’t know you… give a brief history of the Drex LTG…

Yes my name is Drex aka L.T.G.... the LTG stands for Lirical The God.  I live here in Baltimore Maryland born and raised and I am a recording artist.  I've always had a passion for music and the effect it has on people even as a kid.  Not just hiphop im a fan of good music and I think that reflects over into my own sound.

How long have you both been rhyming? How did you start?

I've been making music for quite a while now.  I stated out just messing around when I was like 13,  14 free styling tryna impress my friends and family lol... but back then it was mostly profanity and nonsense about what you'd expect from a young pre teen who thinks he knows something but has no clue about anything.  From there I hooked up with my cousin Fame who had been doing music for a little bit and he gave me two of his demo tapes he had recorded.  A little incite into how long we been at it, his tape were actual tapes lol music he had recorded on the karaoke machine. I was so impressed by his talent it instantly inspired me to start taking making music serious and I got my parents to get me my own karaoke machine.  For us that was the studio lol we got so creative with it we found ways to have adlibs on there and everything.  So me and Fame started making music together and he sorta became a mentor to me. I truly believe if not for him and my cousin Life I couldn't be the artist I am today.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Man me as an artist is a good question because artist really is the best word to use when I describe my work.  I hate to identify as just a " Rapper " because there unfortunately is a judgement or perceived opinion of rappers and I dont wanna be limited or boxed in due to those restrictions.  I make

music regardless of genre or what someone may expect me to make. I've written Hiphop, Pop, R&B, soul, Gospel, etc and I love the freedom to do so.  I continue to grow as an artist because I haven't placed a cap or limitation to what I Can or Cant do. In my bio I describe my music as a complex fusion of multiple genres for one complete sound.  If I had to compare myself to other artist Id say as far as hiphop I resemble a Lupe/Common Timbaland/outcast type of vibe.  At least I try to lol.

I first heard of you when I saw the video 'The Force' ... Which is dope by the way... how did you come up with the concept of the song? who produced it?

Thanks man I really appreciate that it means a lot. To be honest its funny because The Force was originally gonna be my first single for my new project but after going back and forth back and forth I decided to go with Freedom because it was such a meaningful song and with all the violence and shootings I felt i was needed.  Then even this time for the second single I was stuck between The Force and a track I have called DayDream but luckily I went with The Force.  It's gotten such a good response and that largely due to Fame for bringing my idea to light in such a perfect way when he shot the video. When I wrote the song I knew I wanted a hiphop/soul sound plus I wanted to address how it feels to be an upcoming artist

and feel like no matter what you do people just don't wanna give you a shot.  I've always been into fantasy and sci fy so starwars isn't a stranger in my life lol. That being said I was like hell yea man ima have to start jedi mind tricking people or something.  I told fame my ideas and how I wanted the shoot to go and he executed it perfectly!  So yeah any artist looking for a good director and want a good deal on a video holla at fame lol.  It was produced by Tone Jonez... I've been doing business with him for years.. the dude is beyond talented.  Grammy nominated and everything.  The force is definitely one of my favorites cause we had fun with it.

Is there an lp on the way?

Yes Yes Yes!!! lol... I'm proud to be releasing my latest project in March 2017 titled " Graceful Bow... Sounds So Soulful " It is a neosoul/Hiphop fusion that I'm very proud of.   Lyrically its my best work to date. The song structure down to the concepts and the overall thoughts and energy that went into it are just.... man I can't wait lol.  I let a few people here it and the response was just like Drex this the one lol ... if you dont push this we ain't cool anymore lol.  So yeah That's coming real soon as well as one more video for the song Poetry In Motion Pt.2 which is a follow up to a track on one of my older cds.  We got a few features on there... my man Flash, Overflow, Tone Jonez, DLC, MIC,Fame, PJ4Short and a few others to be announced.  The name stems from my desire to make it my last cd for a while.  The Graceful Bow was like me bowing at the end of my show but as I was creating it I leaned more into a soul project so I also wanted to use the sounds so soulful. I was like ok screw it ill combine them so now its Graceful Bow... Sounds So Soulful.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

I got a few things lined up. I wanted to do a documentary showing the process of this projects creation but unfortunately that fell through. I still see it in the future though ive wanted to do it for a while. A few more videos as well so we have the visuals to support the music and give the fans something to view. That and some other things ill hold onto for now but its gonna be good lol

What are your thoughts on the current state of the game?

Hm now thats a question thats gonna get a different answer from everyone you ask lol.  I personally feel like hiphop has definitely changed but thats because people changed and music comes directly from the people.  I feel like there is a lane for this new style of music as well as mine and all the others but I feel like there has to be balance.  It cant all be mumble rap and it cant always be slow either so with balance every artist can shine and do their thing. I think we need to look at the consumer more so than the music because its a thing of supply and demand. If all people checking for is turn up music or trap or whatever then thats whats gonna get the air time.  Thats who's gonna sell out the shows and get the feature appearances. If the people want more they gotta do something about it. If the artist want more we gotta do something about it.  How about two dope mcs do a colab and drop it in a way thats undeniable. As a independent artist tryna get a buzz im limited but you got guys like Big Sean, Fabolous dudes with a buzz who still spit that hottness holding it down.  I think the game has changed just like life does and we the people gotta adapt.

Who are your top 5 emcees all time? Who are your biggest influences?

Whoo this a tough one lol. Ima say in no order, Lupe,  Hov, Em,  Mos Def, and Old Kanye lol no shade.  I feel these guys influenced me the most but there are many many more.  I could go on forever but as far as early days as a youth coming into myself these guys definitely left a mark on me.  But yeah thats a question that I'm always like damn man lol only 5.

Any advice for someone just starting out Rhyming? What advice do you have for people who want to follow in your footsteps?

Yea just stay true to what you believe in as a person first.  The music should reflect who you are so just be the best you.  I always say do better be better so if your doing that youll be fine!  Don't expect a opportunity thats sounds good to always be good and don't be discouraged if it turns out not to be.  Be aware of what your putting out into the world because one way or another it's gonna come back. I tell all my little cousins and my nephew to listen to me, learn from me, take whats useful but be your own person.

Anything you want to add? Any shout outs?

Yea shout outs to my whole T.M.E.P. family Flash , PJ4Short, DLC, Fame, shout out The One Kemist and Team Of One Records, my main man MIC and the whole GMPC ENT, Shout out to Genuine and every body else chasing the dream.  Everyone who supports my brand and what I''m doing... thank yall so much real talk!  Shout out to the people sleeping on the kid too lol not to bring the mood down but I 

show a lot of love and give support but a lot of cats dont return the favor so im at the point where it is what it is. Ima do me regardless so if they dont hear me now they gonna hear me when im at the top but then I wont hear them. But one love man... Thanks so much Dave... I appreciate your time and if anyone wants to check out my older works its free to listen to right at my website I'm on Facebook & Instagram... holla at me yall  T.M.E.P. ALL DAY!!!

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