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DUST ADDICTS is a pair of veteran DJs/Producers that are obsessed with the vinyl record music medium. They're addicted to hunting for rare dusty undiscovered vinyl gems. Usually, these records have been stored and forgotten about for a number years hence the presence of grime, dirt but mainly "dust." These old funky records, which spans all genres of music are often called "Dusty Grooves" by the vinyl community.   Meet the Dust Addicts! 

For those who don’t know you… give a brief history of the Dust Addicts… How long have you both been producing? How did you start? 

BOOMAN - I have been producing professionally since about 92, Unofficially I was doing 4 track loop beats since 88. 

KOOL BREEZ - I've been producing regularly since around '89/'90. I was in a group back then called "Sudden Impact" with my best friend, Shoutout to David "Isikar" Ross, and I was the DJ/producer. It was mainly just like Booman, I was using a Yamaha 4-track and pretty much any sample I could get my hands on. From the casino sk-1 to vestex rackmounts that I won in DJ battles.

BOTH - The Dust Addicts officially started in 2016 but we have been friends and fellow diggers since the Unruly days, 20+ years. 

I first heard of Booman when i had my brief stint in the Baltimore Club scene (Wax Musicians was myself and Troy Brown)… Booman is a B-More Club LEGEND.. and I remember some very dope 12 inches from DJ Kool Breez…but i really remember DJ Kool Breez’s name from the digging scene in the city… DJ Kool Breez name blew up as a cat who had those breaks! How long have you both been digging for those dusty records?

BOOMAN - I started digging like most cats from my parents collection, of course there was tons of Motown in our house but my dad also had stuff like Blowfly, Rudy Ray Moore, Richard Pryor and a bunch of 45s and Blue Note Records. I would say I started buying my own records around 94.


KOOL BREEZ - I too started from going through my parents records. My pops was into psych & prog rock as well as random James Brown & other soul & funk stuff. I started diggin pretty regularly at flea markets and my friends parents collections around '89.

Describe the lp…”Dust Addicts…the Album”.  What can we expect? 

BOTH - The dust addicts album is a look into the mind of two vinyl junkies and beat junkies! You can expect to hear hard drums, super ill samples, dope chops...rare vocal samples and interludes. This is an album for diggers, beat makers and producers....this aint for the mainstream! This is for the true heads who go out hunting for records in the most seedy places of the earth to get that rare gem, and find it in the dollar bin.

What equipment are you using now?… What is your weapon of choice production-wise?

BOOMAN - I'm A DIE HARD ASR-10 and MPC 2000xl user to the end but in the last few years I have been a Reason fanatic!


KOOL BREEZ - I've always been a drum machine dude. I got my SP-1200 in '93 and still use that and along the way I've gotten the Akai S950, ASR-X, the MPC2500 and the Korg Triton. I tend to get bored easy and I like to switch back and forth but I only use one machine at a time except when I use the SP & 950 together.

As for producing.. are you strictly crates…or do you deal with synths/keyboards at all? 

BOTH - We use synths as accents mostly, basslines, strings etc but we are not opposed to making something dope with synths as long as its not cheesy.

What upcoming projects are you working on? 

BOTH - More Dust Addicts projects featuring a lot dope artists. We've been submitting tracks to some well established artists and pretty much anything that comes our way, so we're waiting to hear about a few placements. We're flying everything under the "Dust Addicts" banner. 

What are your thoughts on the current state of the game?  

BOOMAN - I believe the game is in a cleansing right now, we are getting past the corny stage and a lot of new great artists are emerging, also the OG's are making a strong comeback.


KOOL BREEZ - Things tend to come full circle in music so it feels to me like we're about to enter the new "1993" type era. Grimey beats and dope lyrics and about to make a comeback. Out with the wack and.,..well you know how the saying goes.

Who are your top 5 producers all time?  Who are your biggest influences?

BOOMAN - Top 5 in no particular order... Q-Tip, Premo, Pete Rock, Beat Minerz, Rza.  Of course that is my 90s picks, I have a different set for 80s.   My biggest influences are those I named in my top 5 among a boatload of others and my Bmore crew....Kool Breez, Ronnie Don, Dre Sparrow, Dj Spen, Karizma, Fusion, Sean Toure....too many to name!!!


KOOL BREEZ - In no particular order: Premier, Pete Rock, Rick Rubin, Rza and Q-Tip. And I've always been influenced by my Bmore peers. Booman has always inspired me as well as everybody else that has made any noise here in our city, from Dre Sparrow (Street Orchestra) to Fusion to Jay-Funk and everybody in between.

Any advice for someone just starting out DJing/producing? 

BOTH - Respect the art! and Respect the culture!!!

What advice do you have for people who want to follow in your footsteps?

BOOMAN - Learn the business in and out! Dont be afraid to be yourself and take the longer less POPular road.


KOOL BREEZ - Read as much as possible about the music, about the business and just keep your ear to the streets. 

Anything you want to add?  Any shout outs?

BOTH - Shout to Official Crate Music!! Shout out to our fam that makes it easy for us to stay creative and not have to worry so much about outside things....Gladys, Lewis, Darrin, Skarr Akbar. Shout to all the diggers out there STAY DUSTY MY FRIENDS!!!!

Make sure you go cop that "Dust Addicts" cd at CD Baby!  Click the logo below.

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