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"Nice with the Beats and Nice with the Raps".... Official Crate Music sits down the man J Scionide.. who talks about his past...present... and future projects... meet J Scionide.

Whats up my man... thanks for granting the interview with Official Crate Music.  Give us a brief history of J Scienide... where are you from and how did you get started?

Peace... I appreciate the interview. Thanks man. Lets see well i grew up in Charlotte NC and a lot of back and forth to NYC. Now i reside in The District of Columbia been here 7 yrs. I remember growing up i really wanted to be a deejay till one day in the 9th grade a cpl of classmates asked me to join them in making a black history rhyme. Stayed up all night writhing that rhyme. The other dudes were pretty much known in school to be the main emcees. When they took noticed I started to think... Yo maybe i should do this more often.

In the song "Full Circle".. Kev Brown says your "Nice with the Beats and Nice with the Raps"... what did you pick up first?  Production or Rhyming?  

Man that was a honor for somebody like Kev to say that. Thanks Kev!!! I picked up rhyming first. Whats funny is a month later i remember i went by my friend Malik's house and he was spinning ATCQ Luck of Lucien. He had his tables set up on top of this huge floor model TV. I still remember that moment like yesterday. Then a cpl wks later my grandmother gave me my first record. Rufus Thomas Live @ PJ's it was over after that. Got 2 tape decks Malik showed me how to make pause breaks and it was a wrap. 

I saw in an interview you did before... your style is just raw.. you said you mainly like to keep it simple.. no elaborate production.. just a dope beat and you go in.  Does that some up your production style as well?

Yea it does. I have a very odd ear when it comes to beats. If it's some fly shit I just get the pen and start working. I don't need a lot of elaborate shit just something rawness.

How long have you been digging/producing?  

Probably 15 or 16 yrs

Production wise.. what is your weapon of choice?  

I use a ASR X Pro stacks of vinyl and the MPC 2000xl sometimes. I hear jokes sometimes about using old equipment but it doesn't bother me cause i know what sound i'm going for. sometimes ppl who have all the equipment and vinyl in the world make some of the wackest beats. I keep it simple.

Who are some of your biggest influences? 

Production:  Large Professor, Pete Rock, Kev Brown Primo, Madlib, Alchemist, Dilla, 45 King Bomb Squad, DITC, Knxwledge and Ohbliv

Emcees:  Kool G Rap, Nas, Rakim, Roc Marciano, Sean Price, De la Soul, Ghost and Rae, Kane and MF Doom.

"Power of the Holy Ghost" is fire my man... and thats a free download.  I know you have a new 45 project coming out with Kev Brown...  Tell us about that.

Yo Thank you bro. Been getting a lot of good feedback and spins for that one. Yea me and Kev Brown have a 7 inch coming out really soon. Fat Beats is distributing the record. Side A Kev produced and I'm rhyming Side B I produced and Kev is rhyming that record was fun to put together and we work pretty quick together. 

What other projects do you have coming out now?  What are your plans for 2016?

I have my EP "The Actual Heat" coming out in 2016 also "The Gold Chain Masterpiece" will follow that. I also have a few guest appearances and verses coming out on various projects and a project I'm proud to say I'm putting together for Official Crate Music.... also working on show dates, tours and finally going over to Europe.

Any advice for anyone starting out and want to follow in your footsteps?

My advice is to be a individual. Please be creative. Don't stop. Stay True. Please learn your hip hop history!!

Contact Info:

Contacts serious inquiries only


Instagram Jaysicko


Facebook J Scienide


Twitter @JScienide

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