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Meet producer Juelz White... who's making some noise with the "Camouflage Hilfiger" - Westside Gunn track and the "Braille" joint with Planet Asia, Fashawn, and Turbin...this kid has got some beats!  

Tell everyone who you are and where you hail from... 

Peace. Im Juelz White from Fresno, California

How long have you been digging?

My first time diggin and actually buying some vinyls was record store day 2009 at Rasputins Records here in Fresno.  I didn’t get into it that much until about 2011, I started going every week, trying out little record stores in Tower District and Old Town Clovis. Got a portable record player and started checking out the records before I bought em. That was a game changer.

How long have you been producing?  What equipment are you using now?

I started producing in 2009, in the 2nd half of my senior year at Sanger High.  I’ve been using Fruity Loops since day 1. I messed with Reason before and I have a mpc2000xl, had it for years. Just never got to into it. I like working on it and im sure ill end up using it a lot in the near future.

You have that Braille Ft. Fashawn, Planet Asia & Turbin  out right now…. Incredible work my man. Your production style… what is your process?  do you find loops first?  or do you match loops to drum patterns?  how do you go about making a beat?    

I have my record player going into my mixer, mixer to the inbox. Then record the samples on Ableton, export the samples to a folder, then put em on FL. I listen to records in their entirety. Ill grab a sample I like while im listening to it, then continue with the record. Sometimes ill go through 2-3 records before I stop and go work with the samples. Typically I start with a loop before adding drums. When I come across drums that aren’t right for the sample but sound dope, ill erase the sample and start looking for a new one.  Then when I make a beat on the keys, without samples, ill start with drums. Percussion is very important to me. Lots of the time ill add the backround percussion before adding my drums.

What other artists are you working with?  What upcoming projects are you working on?

#THISSHITAINTFREE is what im working on right now. It’s my debut album. Im producing and arranging everything. Camouflage Hilfiger & Braille are the first two releases, a solo joint from Westside Gunn on Camouflage Hilfiger and Braille featuring Fashawn, Turbin & Planet Asia. Both available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and all that. The third release is featuring a couple nice local rappers (Dengee & Agent) with Tri-State as the anchor. That’s availble on my soundcloud. I have a couple in the vault ill be releasing as I get closer to finishing the project. You might see someone from Westside Gunn’s camp and someone from Strong Arm Steady! I also produced a full LP for Turbin called “Sean Sisero”.  We got Rah Digga, Planet Asia, Tri-State, Rydah J Klyde, Phil The Agony & Fashawn on there. That was real big for me. That albums also available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music etc.

That "Camoflauge Hilfiger" is bananas!  Who are your top 5 producers all time? Who are your biggest influences?

Top 5, Kanye West at 1, then no particular order, Organized Noise, MF Doom, MikeWillMadeiT & Pimp C…probably something like that. It changes all the time. I have an unlimited amount of influences. Any genre of music, anyone who creates, good or bad, I also like to see people working towards there dreams as hard as I am.

Any advice for someone just starting out digging.. or producing for that matter?  What advice do you have for people who want to follow in your footsteps?

If it’s something you really enjoy, put as much time into it as possible. Don’t limit yourself and be original. Most importantly, motivate yourself!

Anything you want to add?  Any shout outs?

Stay posted for updates on #THISSHITAINTFREE. Go cop the singles, grab the Sean Sisero LP. Big ups to my folks that have been there for me and showed support since day 1. Chris Mikels, Vinson, Rene, Turbin, Planet Asia, Westside Gunn, DJ KP, AllEyesOnG, Piff Unit, GoldChainMusic, The Pillionairs & FM the engineer.

You can contact Juelz White at 

and cop these 2 joints on itunes at

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