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We here at Official Crate Music first noticed producer Lucky Loopiano on instagram.   When he mentioned the IDE lp.. and we heard a few tracks... we had to give this dude some shine.  Dope beats... definitely be on the lookout for this dude and his material.  

Check out the interview with Lucky Loopiano!

Tell everyone who you are and where you hail from.

My name is Lucky Loopiano and I'm from Brooklyn New York.

How long have you been digging?

I've been digging for about four years now but I've been collecting hip-hop records since I'm 14 years old.  Back in High School i started to DJ but never really made any moves with it once i started working.I always continued to buy records whenever i had the chance,   It's definitely something that i enjoy very much.

How long have you been producing?  How did you start?

Ive been producing now seriously for just 3 years.I really got into making beats based off watching Video Graff as a kid,they would use all these ill drum breaks with some samples layered on top and it really made those videos pop more than they already did.

I know a lot of graff writers from my neighborhood so my initial intentions were to link up with them and get some music on their videos.Ultimately i started to really get into production and wanted to work with some emcees and create songs rather than just making beats alone.

What equipment are you using?  What is your weapon of choice?

The machine I use is the Mpc Renaissance.  I love it,the workflow is seamless and fairly easy to learn.I also have an Mpc 2000xl and an Mpc 5000 which is actually the first machine i ever owned.I do break out the 2000xl once in awhile but the 5000 i haven't even touched in years.

You have that "Breath Easy" lp out right now... the first joint I heard was that "Flight Patters"... and the "Will and Test"... both of those are fire my man.. dope dope loops and production.


Your production style.. what is your process?  Do you find loops first?  or do you match up loops to your drum patters?  How do you go about making a beat?  

Thanks for checking "Flight Patterns" and "Will and Test"... really appreciate that.  The Breathe Easy LP is the first official piece of music I have out,  It started with me and Ide from Creative Juices Music who I met through a mutual friend linking up to record a song.Once we recorded that song in the studio the vibe was great and  

we decided to keep going and record more which led to doing a whole project together.Vocal wise theres no features its all Ide.Production wise the majority of the beats on the album are mine,but there is also production from Ide himself and Kelly Finnigan from the Monophonics/Destruments has an amazing song on the album called Blue Clouds with no samples at all,its all live instrumentation.Theres another track on the album called Nirvana which him and some of his people blessed as well,they came in after I started that beat and really made it what it became.As far as my method of production it varies but most of the time it starts with a dope loop that i hear and i'll chop that up and then build my drum pattern around those sounds.In some cases if i find some dope drums and i want to use them,i'll lay down a drum pattern and then sequence some sounds around them.

What upcoming projects are you working on?

The next project i have coming out is called The Red Devil Chronicles and thats with my boy from Virginia Born Unique.We currently have 13 songs recorded and we're in the final stages of the project.We got some really dope features on the album and we can't wait to get that out to the masses.All the vocals were recorded by Pete Twist out in Va and my boy Luminary is going to mix the project.The artwork is all done by my boy Gouch so the team is assembled nicely for a great release.

Who are your top 5 producers of all time?  Who are your biggest infuences?

As far as my top five producers i would have to say The Beatminerz no question,I grew up on Blackmoon,Smif N Wessun etc.. I would add Lord Finesse to that list,Dj Muggz,The Alchemist and Dj Premier. I've been influenced by many producers but these names stand out without a doubt.

Any advice for someone just starting out digging... or producting for that matter?  What advice do you have for people who want to follow in your footsteps?

As far as advice I could only say to just keep making beats daily,be open to criticism and get records any way you can.The best way to sharpen your sword is to keep making music as much as you can.  

To contact Lucky Loopiano:

Breathe Easy by IDE

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