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M.A.R is a rap artist from Bridgeport, CT, he co-headlined with Chris webby on tour for 14 cities, he has opened for acts such as 4 time grammy nominated artist 2 chainzs at Webster bank arena, Lupe Fiasco, Beanie Sigel, Juelz Santana of DipSet, Young Jeezy, Lloyd Banks, headlined his own 5 city tour in the northeast region featuring Dave east and more . A featured artist on Jackthriller 16orbetta episode and He also embarked on the TopMics Tour sponsored by the Source Magazine, which he was featured as a headlining artist. M.A.R. will not rest until he is one of the biggest names in the Hip Hop world.  Check out our interview with M.A.R.!

For those who don’t know you.. give a brief history of  M.A.R.…. you’re from Connecticut, right? 

I'm M.A.R aka Mr #Lightuppp & I am an artist From BRIDGEPORT CONNECTICUT.

How long have you been rhyming?  How did you start?

I started at a young age Dj'ing Wich led to me producing & making beats  Wich also led to me Turning myself into A ARTIST .

Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought, “music is what i want to do?”
Have you worked with any big names or indie artists in the music industry?

No specific moment I always knew this Was my destiny as for working with artist I wrapped uppp my #Lightuppptour  Wich was a 5 city Tour Alongside DAVE EAST Wich was phenomenal ALSO jus recently got off a 14 city Tour with Chris Webby Wich was phenomenal as well.

So, what are your thoughts on the current state of the game? 

I love it Always gonna be a fan of hip hop 

Are you interested in venturing to markets overseas? 

Yes I can't wait to Tour Overseas.

How do you separate yourself from other artists? 

By just being me 

Who influenced your style?

Momma M.A.R 

What upcoming projects are you working on?

I'm gearing Uppp to drop My debut single Titled MARTIN LUTHER BLVD 

Who are your top 5 emcees all time? Who are your biggest influences? 


Any advice for someone just starting out rhyming?


What advice do you have for people who want to follow in your footsteps? 

Always Give it your all & Never give uppp 

Anything you want to add?  Any shout outs?

 I wanna give a shout out to you guys  first and foremost thanx for having me Follow me on my Instagram @Lightuppp also follow me On Twitter Mr_Lightuppp Also follow me on Snapchat MrLightuppp 
Any shout outs? I would like to give a shout out to God First Momma M.A.R My manager @Shawnmikeall Ace, Cara, Uncle Lance, My whole entire Family anybody I missed you know what it is 100!   #LIGHTUPPPGANG #Teamlightuppp #LIGHTUPPPTHA

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