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The official website of PG County Md producer Kev Brown.... leader of the Washington D.C. area’s Low Budget Crew (which includes MCs Sean Born, Kaimbr, Quartermaine and J Scienide, among others.   Many items available like vinyl, cassettes, etc.. straight from the man himself!

Nostalgia King is an online experience from the mind of global DJ, cultural ambassador, foodie and pop culture preserver, Skeme Richards. Thier main focus is to spotlight and review musical releases from record labels and artists that continue to produce music from an analog aesthetic, on vinyl and in the areas of Funk, Soul, Jazz, international Soundtracks and independent Hip Hop while presenting it from a tastemakers viewpoint to the reader and listening audience. In addition to the music itself, they strive to be the ultimate platform and musical resource guide for those international DJs who play from the heart and who stray from the norm while providing a high level of experience of DJ’ing excellence.  Skeme Richards continues to reach a wide range of readers across the globe with thought provoking articles, interviews, travel tips and his new food based video series “The Drop – A Conversation Over Beef”.

As an international DJ, this where you can follow Skeme Richards across the map and see the world through the eyes of his lens. From parties and special events to amazing cultural sites and under the radar gems that are only in the know by locals and residents.

Incredible record store in Osaka, Japan.. home of DJ Yasushi.. a longtime friend/trading partner with Official Crate Music.


Record shop in Osaka, Japan... home of Akira... longtime friend of Official Crate Music.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Small business located in the heart of Brewerytown, Philadelphia. Specializing in all genre's of music but focusing on Funk, Soul and Hip-Hop.  

LOCATION:  2710 W Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19130.  



New York, New York

Good Records NYC was founded in 2005. We have been dealing vintage vinyl in New York City's East Village neighborhood ever since, and have been featured in New York Magazine, The New Yorker, AM New York, The Fader, GQ, Interview, Nylon, and more. We buy, sell, and trade vintage records from the 50s to the present, spanning the genres of Jazz, Soul, Rock, Funk, Disco, Rap, House, and International selections from Africa to Brazil to Latin America the Caribbean and beyond. Please stop by when you're in New York City and see what the hype is all about.


Location:    218 East 5th St,  New York, NY 10003


Washington DC

Rock, soul, funk, disco, go-go, reggae, samba, salsa, folk, blues, punk, electronica & more!


Location:    1843 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009


Record Collecting/Digging community.. since 1999

Established in 1999... and by far the best record digging community on the internet.  Soul Strut has been a taste-making, trend-setting vinyl record community. Trends have come and gone and still we celebrate 15 years of life. Soulstrut has an archive of classic DJ mixes, important records to the crate digging continuum, and a world famous discussion forum.  Share the RAER! #SOULSTRUT

A Dig Diary by Arcee, Kaewonder, & Dj Serious

Cratery: a monthly vinyl podcast from record aficionados Arcee, Kaewonder and DJ Serious. Cratery can best be described as a dig diary: a document of the collective’s latest, most treasured and recently rediscovered original vinyl artifacts. The story of three dudes told through their record collections.

Record collecting weblog

Waxidermy is one of the web’s premier weblogs featuring obscure and out-of-print vinyl recordings. The site has been online for over 5 years, and has close to 1,000 reviews in its ever-growing database. 

The Best Music Magazine on the Planet.

At Wax Poetics, we put music in context. Closing the noticeable gap in music journalism between coverage of contemporary artists and celebration of classic trailblazers, we provide extensive commentary on the dynamic relationship between past and present to educate today’s ears about the origins of their favorite music. What we started in December 2001 as a quarterly magazine, both classic and fresh, has grown into a diversified music media resource for music aficionados and general listeners alike. From our signature approach to print media to our giant steps into new media and the recording industry, we strive to revolutionize the way we educate ourselves about music.

100% royalty free, original and awesome sound kits produced with high end and unique gear.

Bullyfinger. 100% royalty free, original and awesome sound kits produced with high end and unique gear. We have provided sounds in a few different capacities over the years to the bedroom producer to award winning legends in music production.  Load em up and get busy. 

The Find Mag

Since 2007, The Find has been dedicated to promoting the diffusion of hip hop with jazz, funk, soul, and related styles. We are inspired by the culture of ‘crate digging’ and thus constantly scour the dusty corners of record shops and outskirts of the internet to find the best music and artistry for you.  Our contributors are in search of overlooked talent across the globe, while also keeping an eye on established artists and labels. Our website provides a resource for the discovery of new, diverse and progressive sounds as well as hip hop reminiscent of the golden era, functioning as a digital crate of records crammed full of fresh tunes.We hold the aesthetics of hip hop in high regard and strive to bring a unique and unrivalled selection of the best music, artists and independent labels. 


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