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Trenton, NJ


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I'm from Trenton NJ and music has always been my first love.  I was influenced very early by the records my parents used to play.  The Beatles, Moody Blues, Simon and Garfunkel, Roberta Flack, Stevie Wonder, and Billie Joel just to name a few.  My grandmother was a high school music teacher and played violin.  My uncle was also a musician and played guitar and was a singer in a folk group.  I also used to play the cello and piano growing up but focused most of my time on playing sports.  I was an area standout in Baseball.  My music collecting began early but with tapes and then CDs.  I got the rap bug beginning in 93 when my friends and I discovered Wu-tang Clan.  I still remember when my best friend came home after school with a copy of Enter The 36 Chambers.  My mind was blown and a love of hip hop was cemented from that day forth!  Skipping ahead it was quite awhile before I actually got into records.  Other than baseball l was a huge comic book nerd growing up and had dreams of becoming a comic book artist.  The vinyl bug took grip about 10 years ago and it's only continued to become even more of a passion and an obsession.  I'm a true digger in the sense of the word.  I get my records pretty much from anywhere and everywhere I can find them.  The search for me is almost as thrilling as finding those rare gems, but at the end of the day it's really all about the music.

Chilo Moran Y Su Grupo

Audioacustica Y Electronica label, 1983

Even though this record was recorded in 1983, don't be fooled by the date.  This Mexican jazz fusion group provides what would be the perfect background for an early 80s police drama.  Very much in the vein of European library music of the time it's hard to choose one track to single out as the most solid?  It delivers a little bit of everything from Latin dance to boogie, but the highlights are the slow horn driven fender rhodes cuts as well as a monster b-boy break on the track "El Maese".  Very solid all around and much under the radar!

Bart Arntz - Drums Drums And More Drums

Educator Records

Bart Arntz - Drums Drums And More Drums on the Educator Records label out of Philadelphia.  This record is pretty much what you probably gathered by looking at the cover.  Drums!!!  This is another in the vast genre of instructional records.  This label also sports a handful of 45 releases and a couple other sought after Lps, Ron Daniels "Jazz Moves", and another by Bart Arntz "Jo Jo's Dance Factory".  This release like the other two are more disco leaning.  This one is from 1978 but does offer a nice soul funk flare to its all instrumental tracks.  Basically this is a solid record of mostly open drum breaks of various styles and tempos but definitely lesser known and seldom seen. attention...

Melisma - Like Trolls, no label

Melisma - Like Trolls, no label

Melisma - Like Trolls, no label

 This is already known in the private press folk Prog circles and I believe is listed in Acid Archives?  The cover art is outstanding on this private PA product!  The album contains much sample potential but the reason it's included in my review is because it contains one of my favorite open drum breaks on the track "Can't Get Over You". 


The Milt Robinson Trio - Wanna Be With You

1970 on Milt's own mr label

The Milt Robinson Trio - Wanna Be With You

 This album is from 1970 on Milt's own mr label.  This was recorded in Bermuda and has a very Latin jazz leaning sound overall.  The recording quality and arrangements are very high level.  The amount of time and effort put into this release is very evident down to the heavy vinyl and cover stock used which reminds me of some of the major jazz labels of the time.  Not much info can be found online for this?

 The Mandrakes play Santana Hits on Riviera Records

Riviera Records

 The Mandrakes play Santana Hits on Riviera Records. No date listed.

 This group is one of the few I've heard that does justice to Carlos Santana's original compositions and arrangements.  This record has a heavy organ psych vibe going on!  The guitar work is very solid and even the vocals are as well.  The album does contain some other cover songs on side A but side B is all Santana and can be played straight through on repeat!  There is a nice b-boy break on "Soul Sacrifice".  Overall this is one of the more interesting records I've found in the last year.

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