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Toronto, Canada
Years Digging:

I'm a beatmaker/record collector/dealer who started digging for samples mainly. That eventually grew into an appreciation and respect for all types of music. I've been digging for years and owe a lot of my (vinyl) knowledge gained to others. I mainly dig in thrift stores and flea markets but I'm not afraid to drop $100 on an obscure break. I aim to collect stuff others don't have and I still get hyped when discovering a classic sample. Respect for the heads that paved the way!


Inner Ear s/t

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These drums hit hard!!! Private UK Jazz lp that contains one of the best Drumbreaks that I've ever heard. I obtained 3 copies of this from the bass player Mic Parsons personal stash. It is pretty hard to come by so best of luck! 

Paul Miner and the Canadian all stars - Northern Lights

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Canadian Funk??? The first word that pops in your head when you hear Canada is definitely not funk. Maybe ice cold? Well that's exactly what you'll be thinking after listening to this Music Minus One release laced with lots of horns and breaks for DJs and beatheads alike.  


The Dale Jacobs Group - Live at Puccini's

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Analogue synths anyone? This is one of my favorites. Got it in a trade with homie from Calgary Alberta. Not going to give too much info on this other than Cop on sight!!! Private Canadian Jazz fusion that leaves you wondering what these guys were smoking out back of Puccini's. 


Lehakat Tsilily Haude - No 3 lp

Israeli face melter!!! Found out about this years ago but couldn't lock down a copy in good condition until a few weeks back. I was actually working out a deal with a collector in Israel when I seen Dave post dubs. So I hit him up. Long story short he gave me such a good deal that even the dude in Israel said " you can't even find it that cheap over here!" Fuzzed out guitar and hard hitting drums! Need I say more? 

Leo Sayer - Endless flight

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F*%k this record. I don't care who sampled it, what's on it or if my mom loves it. I don't own a copy and I've never heard it. I hate this record more and more every time I see it, to the point that if I see Leo in the streets it's on!!! Peace 

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