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Baltimore, MD


Years Digging:

over 20 years

Hello.. my name is D.. and I... I.... I am..... a Record-A-Holic.  I was addicted as soon as I copped my first piece of vinyl (Lakeside's "Fantastic Voyage" 45).  And what I listen to mostly.. are breaks, loops, anything sampleable.  Blame Marley Marl.. my favorite producer and biggest influence musically when I was a teenager.  I wanted to know where he got those sounds he used in all those records back then.. now.. i'm still searching for unheard of rare groove vinyl records from all over the world.  Anybody that knows me knows i love foreign records.. but I am into anything funky.  Rare Groove is the only genre i care about.  

The Emotions - Surprise-Party On Classics

Fontana Special - 6444 032

No real info on this lp exists on the internet.  All i know is when i first heard it.. it blew me away.  The back cover (which i used google translate to translate from french to english) says the group "The Emotions" chose classic melodies and adapted them the best they could to sound "current".  They definitely accomplished their goal...The main cut that caught my ear was "La Chanson De Solveig - Extrait de Peer Gynt "... the dope dope piano intro.... leading to the drums... then you have "concerto No 1".  the whole lp is classics replayed with funky beats behind them.  If you see it definitely pick it up.  This is one of my favorite lps period.

Yoon Si-Nae - New Song Collection (I do not know / vainly)

SRB Records ‎– SR-0129

Really dope lp from South Korea... loops to be had all over.. highlight for me is the cut "Vainly"... insanely funky... the raspy/grittiness of her voice on here gets me too.  Listen.

Miguel Chavez ‎– De Lo Cubano A Lo Internacional

Siboney Records ‎– LD 204

There is so much sample opportunities on this lp... open bass lines galore... funky loops.. drum hits... etc.  The highlight here is the cut "Quiereme Mucho"... the drumbreak.. the laid back bass riff... this caught my ear right away.... and the horn... crazy.  

Opus Avantra - Donella Del Monaco

Trident – TRI 1006

OG press of this insane Italian prog lp...  this lp is crazy... avant-garde.. sometimes classical.. sometimes free jazz-ish... folk... you get it all here.  Many loops to be had on here.. the highlight for me is the cut "Nel Piccolo Giardino"... with the surprise open drumbreak near the end... choppable kick and snare.. with extra hits near the end.... Props to my partner Book 'em Danno for hooking me up with this... he comes up with the insane joints for real. 

Silver Burdett Music - Book 4 Record 7

P/AS C15241

Silver Burdett Records... Records that teach.  All I know is that this is probably the funkiest cut ever dedicated to their Grandpa... Grandpa.. these kids LOVE YOU for real!   Props again to my homey the man Bookem Danno on the ill hookup.

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