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DJ Kool Breez



DJ Kool Breez
Baltimore, MD
Years Digging:
over 25 years

DJ Kool Breez is a DJ, record collector and multi-genre producer from Baltimore, MD. He has been producing Hip-Hop acts for the better part of 25 years and was highly influential in the early days of Bmore Club music as a member of the Unruly Records family. He has been a record collector and beat digger since 1988. 

La Pandilla S/T

Alhambra 1974

La Pandilla was a kiddie music group of the 1970s, founded in 1970 by Pepa Aguirre in Spain. They come across as any other kiddie group that saturated the industry during the 70's. This is your topical light hearted pop LP with hints of salsa and general Latin pop until you reach the third song on side B. "Lady Miladay" starts with horns that are just begging to be chopped. Then it goes into a extremely dope drum and low end piano groove that sounds like it's straight out of a 70's blaxploitation flick. As sinister and haunting as this track is its easy to forget that this is actually kids that range from 7 to 14 yrs old. The song winds up going right back to typical kiddie pop but the beginning is well worth the purchase. The rest of the LP has some decent moments that are buried in several of albums 10 tracks. I recommend picking up this if you luck up and come across a copy.

Ethel Ennis - Ethel

EnE Productions 1980

Ethel Ennis - Ethel (EnE Productions 1980) Ethel Ennis is a American Jazz Vocalist from my home town of Baltimore, MD. Although she had a very fruitful career on numerous labels ranging from Atlantic to Capitol, with singles and one off LP's on other labels it's her private self titled '80 private pressing that I personally gravitate towards. Although it's a "Live Album" it's pretty clean sonically and other than scattered applause here & there it's easy to forget that it's a live recording. Ethel's vocal talents really shine through the whole LP but the standout track for any beat digger is her cover of Chick Correa's "Open your eyes you can fly". The 10 min song opens with some beautiful keys and percussion flourishes that in there own right could be chopped to perfection by anyone with a MPC or SP-1200. The real treat happens about 1/4 into the track when it goes into a menacing piano riff that would fit perfect in any hip hop track trying to convey a heated emotional topic and then to top it off here comes the perfect drums to add thunder to the already witnessed lighting that is the piano. I recommend grabbing a copy of this little unknown treat if get the opportunity.

Posmontier Bros. - P.B.Q.

Bop Corn Records 1980

Posmontier Bros. - P.B.Q. (Bop Corn Records 1980) If you're like me you too also think jazz records & the decade of the 80's tend to go together like Vodka & milk, often leaving a bad taste. But this little known gem out of Melrose Park, PA made me rethink my view of the said genre and decade. 1984 is by no means a golden year for Jazz-Funk by any means but the quintet known as the Posmontier Bros produced a solid LP that is holding heat for any beat digger that is tired of the same old dollar bin garbage. Centered around the solid and extremely funky drumming of Tom Cohen this album is one to look out for. "Potts Luck" starts out with a nice B-Boy style drum break complete with congas and eventually goes into some nice synth & bass that would be doubled up nicely if one was to score doubles of this LP. "Bless this mouse" (yes, that's right "MOUSE") is a soothing easy listening type jazz cut that is MPC ready with nice melody and amazing electric keys waiting to be chopped. "One finger, one thumb" is the definite highlight of the LP with a nice groove that is just amazing loop after amazing loop. I highly recommend this platter to any beat digger or anyone that enjoys some solid light jazz with some funk movements peppered in. Don't sleep on the Posmontier Bros.

Mason Williams & Mannheim Steamroller - Classical Gas

American Gramaphone

Mason Williams & Mannheim Steamroller - Classical Gas (American Gramaphone) Claissical Guitarist Mason Williams teamed up with with the odd classical pop outfit known as Mannheim Steamroller to cut this quite unique genre-bending LP. Mannheim are pretty much known for their experimental folk endeavors and the traditional Christmas records that made them famous but "Classical Gas" is a very good example of odd pairings. The LP is loaded with melodies & loops that are to my knowledge untouched by us Hip-Hop heads. There are no major highlights I want to mention because I would consider the whole LP a highlight for both parties involved. This is by no means a "rare" or "hard to find" record. So go out there and scour your local thrifts and dollar bins, or grab a cheap copy off eBay, then turn on the MPC or SP and get your trigger finger ready because the samples come quick and from every angle on this one.


Callisto Prod. 1988

Not much to be found out about this Colorado all female Quintet. They look like a throwback to the all female based Olivia label that was making noise in the late 70's. This LP has some great musicianship but a total lack of direction. There are some nice soloed instruments that I'm sure can be reworked by any beat maker with a keen ear for sonic atmospheres but I think everyone that has the chance to hear this LP would agree that the standout song is the self titled track "Syzygy". It opens with a swelling synth note before some simple yet effective drums enter the picture. Then the rest of the girls come in filling out a chill but very dope groove with a smooth bass, guitar and piano melody that is sure to make you fire up the work station. This record has gone for anywhere from $20 to $50 over the pass few years and I think it's overall worth the cost . Every time I listen to it I hear something else I didn't hear previously. I'm sure you to will pleasantly surprised.

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