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Providence, RI & Boston, MA


Years Digging:

29 years

I'm a record collector, Producer, DJ and Photographer. Got into diggin' at an early age. First by collecting old school hip hop in elementary school. Which lead to sample spotting and collecting breakbeats in high school. Now as I'm older my taste has been deeply rooted into jazz, funk and psych music. Not exactly sure exactly how many records I own, I stopped counting at 3 thousand.

Love Thy Neighbor - Love Thy Neighbor (P.L.M.. 1974) 

P.L.M.. 1974

Love Thy Neighbor - Love Thy Neighbor (P.L.M.. 1974) 

This is a local private press lounge style record out of Weston, MA. Most of the album is pretty much forgettable, but there is one track that is a standout winner. "Manstae" is a funky banger that starts off with a deep bassline, followed by chicken scratch guitars. Complete with blaxploitation style horns and even a breakbeat hidden in the middle of the track. Definitely makes this LP worth seeking out. 

Nimbus - Children Of The Earth

Private Press - No Label, 1980

Nimbus - Children Of The Earth (Private Press - No Label, 1980) 

This is a private press jazz fusion LP out of Mecosta, Michigan. If I had to pick a record to be in my personal top 5 this would definitely be one of them. This album sounds like a raw, unpolished Steely Dan record. The singing is a bit off and the music playing is a little sloppy, but together it all works. Not really a breakbeat/sample type record, but rather a good piece a vinyl to sit back and listen to. The standout track for me on this album is "Free Yourself".

South Tampa Horn Band - South Tampa Horn Band

Guinness. 1977

South Tampa Horn Band - South Tampa Horn Band (Guinness. 1977) 

The famous Guinness tax-scam label had put out countless albums. Some good, some really bad. This is one of the good ones that typically slips through the cracks with collectors. This album is mostly made up of funk and disco covers of popular songs. Including The Commodores "Machine Gun", M.F.S.B "TSOP", and "Sexy". Van Mccoy's "The Hustle" and Billy Preston's "Space Race'. Of course being a Tax-scam release there's not much information about the band performing on this album. But Beatheads will be happy with the breakbeats hidden within this LP. 

Minoru Muraoka - Bamboo

United Artists, 1970

Mr. Murako was a popular Japanese Shakuhachi player. The Shakuhachi I guess is a type of wooden flute. Combined with heavy drums this record has become highly collectable. The style of music contained on this LP varies from standard jazz, jazz fusion, blues, to psych. Standout track for me are "Soul Bamboo". The Beatles cover "And I Love Her" and breakbeat heavy "The Positive & The Negative".

Mutty Parnes - Yeshiva Brass

Fran Record Company, 1969

Mutty Parnes - Yeshiva Brass (Fran Record Company, 1969) This LP out of New York City is and interesting release. Before I begin this release is a one-tracker, but the one track is pure fire! As a whole the concept of this album are classic Jewish songs played to appeal to a more modern audience (or at least modern in terms of the year 1969). As the title "Yeshiva Brass" suggest this record is very horn heavy. Mutty's arrangements tend to put the horns from and center in most of the tracks. The winning track is a song called "Layv Tahor" which sounds like it should have been comped on a breakbeat LP years ago. Pretty much a xylophone over a heavy drum beat makes this a record to look out for. 

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