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Years Digging:

Over 20

The first music to hit my ears was an all world early greats mix tape of sure shot legends like Afrika Bambaataa and Whodini.  A buddy dubbed these mind melting sounds over his mom's Billy Joel tape and slipped it to me at middle school when the teacher wasn't looking.  After riding through thirty minutes of soybeans and tobacco I made a swift power move out of mom's car with my grip set on the K-mart boom box chilling on the blue linoleum floor.  That summer I shot baskets in the backyard and banged that tape off the train tracks while the cows across the way kept trying to act like they weren't feeling it.  A few years later I found my dad's old suitcase record player with the fold out speakers that looked like encyclopedias.  Dropped twenty five cents on a beat copy of Iron Butterfly's Heavy and that was it.  Bought armloads of dollar records back in the last great dying days of the truly deep bargain bins.  Learned about the funky bones of hip hop one stack at a time.  Moved through different sounds and collections over the years.  Took time away but could never stay away.  After all this time the true joy is the first joy:  rolling home with a fresh stack of new sounds to kick back and groove to.  

Buddy Norman - It Hurts to Know b/w They Tell Me

Key Records RI3220 A/B

One day this dude was chilling with the first Meters record when he realized these funky New Orleans cats were missing one vital ingredient:  Tom Jones.  Buddy Norman rolled into the world with two tracks of lounge lizard crooner vocals which cast their thick glaze over some seriously sick music:  steady funky drums, deep grooving bass, tasty rhythm guitar.  Dude loves to sing but fear not:  his dramatic breath control steez lets the skillful sampler duck between the cheese lyrics to get at the dope music. 

New Horizon


Obscure American dudes freak it in Korean with some solid 70s soft pop production.  Brief sweet hits of candy corn heat for today's beats.

John Mehler and Kenneth Nash - Jazz Praise

Maranatha Music! SPCN-7-100-13282-7

80s smooth jazz cop show sounds.  Mystery moods that will flip your beat into creeping justice mode.  Will those lousy punk fiends snatch out Street Hawk?  Nah. 

Barton Cummings - On Tuba

Crystal Records Recital Series S391

Real heads are down with the free jazz tuba sound.  Dig the trippy electronic blips and squiggles that lace the wandering tuba tones of Piltdown Fragments.  Chill with the surprisingly deep duo moods of Elegy For Tuba And Piano.  Exotic beat flavoring for the expanding mind. 

Muddy Waters - After the Rain

Cadet Concept LPS-320

The loose shambling cousin to Water’s acid casualty masterpiece Electric Mud.  There's some big grooves and nice hits beneath all the fried freakery with the raw funky shuffle drums of Blues And Trouble copping the paisley gold star. 

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