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I’m a Dane living in Norway with my family in the countryside by the Oslo Fjord. My love for vinyl began when I bought “Criminal Minded” in 1987. After that I was hooked and quickly got into breaks and beats. For many years I was hoarding vinyl and made beats as ⅓ of the production trio, The Prunes. Today I just collect for the love of great music and to share this on my site I don’t normally keep a record, because of a drum beat or a loop, which then evolves into Albanian elevator music. That said, the music I love, often involves a tight beat or evil hook.

Los Issifu & his Moslems: Tanga Beat

Probably not the band name that would ensure global bookings in these crazy times. Nonetheless this is some of the funkiest afro out there. The whole album is solid and includes among other a pastiche of “Brothers on the Slide”. But “Kana Soro” is the track setting this album apart from the competition. It opens with a nasty beat before the funk soup is put to a boil. From Mampong in Ghana and unfortunately damn near impossible to find in decent condition. This copy looks like it’s been eaten by a lion, but even so is an enjoyable listen.

BHM - 1977

Ardy “the painter” Strüwer: Pregnant Rainbows for Colourblind Dreamers

Ardy Strüwer is quite the character. Born in Indonesia and a professional youth soccer player in the Netherlands before settling in Sweden, where he became an acknowledged artist and comedian. This 45 is his first release documenting his celebration of the female body. One side of the single is a handpainted motive needing little explanation. The other side is a beat driven spoken word track about pregnant rainbows. When I bought this many years ago, the story was that all existing copies were found in a dumpster in Stockholm. I suspect that to be an urban myth to jack up the price though.

Sonet - 1966

Ozdemir Erdogan: Ölü Gözüyle Islenimler

Erdogan may look like a Love Boat performer but don’t get fooled by that. Most of his albums have supreme qualities musically and concerning samples. I suspect this album of being a compilation of tracks from 1972-1974, but some of the tracks I cannot find anywhere else than on this release. That goes for “Bir Adim Öte” which after a long saz intro sets into a tight and mellow groove. The absence of Turkish crooning is a plus.

Hak Plak - 1978

William S. Fischer: Akelarre Sorta

Back in the ealy 1990’es “Circles” by William S. Fischer was one of those records you didn’t care much for and left filling up the crates at your local vinyl pusher. This Spanish only release however didn’t show up at all. All tracks here are ancient basque popular songs given a satanist-devilish-black magic-druids vibe, as the liner notes states. The rhythm section is filled with open drums and deep bass lines. Ridiculously good.

Herri Gogoa - 1972

Edward Vesala: Yksi, Kyksi, Kaksi, Kolme, Neljä, Soul Jumppaa

Finnish jazz has always seemed unique to me. Besides the high music quality it has a distinct anarchistic feel to it. Edward Vesala is one the country's leading jazz drummers and a strong representative of exactly this unconformative type of jazz. On this private press, he does one side with the Soulset and one side of drum instructions. The prior being a mix of bluesy funk and soul, and the latter strictly drum food for your sampler.

Gross - 1969

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