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Providence, RI & Boston, MA


Years Digging:

29 years

I'm a record collector, Producer, DJ and Photographer. Got into diggin' at an early age. First by collecting old school hip hop in elementary school. Which lead to sample spotting and collecting breakbeats in high school. Now as I'm older my taste has been deeply rooted into jazz, funk and psych music. Not exactly sure exactly how many records I own, I stopped counting at 3 thousand.

The Amar Bros - Look Around

No Label or release date listed

One day while out diggin' I walked into a Maine record store and in a pile of used LP's I came across this release. The cover quickly grabbed my attention and I gave it a quick listen. To my surprise it's a Jewish record with a mix of funky pop melodies, rock guitars and traditional Hebrew standards done in a mid 70's tone. It even comes with a mid tempo old school bboy drum break in the title track "Look Around". The band consist of 2 brothers Ouri and David Amar and it's clear they were influenced by American pop from the mid 1970's. I would describe this record as unibrow funk at it's best.

Music Minus One - Movin

MMO Records

With all the releases on the Music Minus One label this release stands out as one of my favorites. It covers pop standards from the early 70's. Side A is the vocal side and side B are the same tracks without the vocals. The stand out tracks include "Sunshine Of Your Love". "Sometimes In Winter" and"Spinning Wheel." Not super rare but definitely worth seeking out.

The Paolo Accordion Orch - Love That Sound

Normandy Sound Inc Records, release date unknown

Just when you thought there were no accordion records worth buying comes this piece out of left field. As stated on the cover the music consist of an exciting keyboard-reed sound. This is a local record out of Warren, Rhode Island and yes the main instruments are accordions. But with soul covers like "Do The Hustle", "Love's Theme" and "Shaft" I had to investigate the music within. To my surprise the music is really good. You'll almost forget the band is actually play accordions. Clearly the purpose of this record was to prove that accordions can be used to play other things besides polka. Of course the best cut on the LP is "Shaft" which is provided in the clip. I've only seen 2 copies of this so far (both filed in my collection), but always on the lookout for more.

God's Trombones - A Festival Of Worship Turnbridge Fair

No Label or date listed

A Festival Of Worship Turnbridge Fair (No Label or date listed) This ultra rare religious record originates from Turnbridge, Vermont. Brought to my attention by friend and fellow IG
collector El_Tio_Querido. Not sure how many copies were actually pressed. I tried to turn up more info about this release, but nothing was available. The winning track here is "Let My People Go". It’s sounds like a heavy David Axelrod influenced track complete with heavy backing drums. Check the clip for a listen.

The Mark III - Love Is...

(Fleetwood Records 1978)

This one is beyond ultra rare. I honestly think it's harder to find than a original Placebo record. I'm pretty sure there are less than 300 copies that were pressed. I originally found out about this record while looking through a Connecticut dealer's personal collection. After a year of searching without any luck I managed to score a copy directly from the original recording engineer. Released on the small Fleetwood label out of Revere Massachusetts The Mark III were a trio of Berklee College of
Music grads who did tour the North East and decided to put out an album. This record is a mix of lounge music, new wave, and funky synth rock. Certain tracks have a sound is very similar to the New York
based group ESG. For the beatheads there are two drum breaks on this record and I provided one here in the clip. Definitely one of the best drum break records in my collection.

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