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In this section you will find articles from other websites and original content on vinyl and digging culture.  If you are interested in contributing.. hit  us up at

I’m not a film buff at all, yet I have certain films that (I feel) shaped my entire career. There was Empire Records, which inspired me to work at a record store in New Jersey in the ‘90s—surrounded by fellow gum-snapping music brats who challenged categories like “Acid Jazz” and “Gangster Rap” (considering back then we championed for a label-less existence)—all while getting checks cut by “the man.” Then of course there was the one-two punch of Almost Famous and Brown Sugar: two films that romanticized being a music journalist, where the respective protagonists William Miller and Sid Shaw hugged every part of their lives with a notebook in tow. And then there was High Fidelity, the film (and novel) that taught me valuable lessons about being an audiophile with a carefully curated record collection. In other words, High Fidelity made me a music snob.


The holiday season is upon us, and so begins the anxiety of finding the perfect gift for that special someone. In the case of gifting the vinyl collector, a bit of advice: unless you know the EXACT record they’d like (that includes the edition, the quality, the condition of the sleeve), your best bet is to leave the actual gift of vinyl alone. However, thanks to technological advancements (and Etsy), you can actually grab a gift or two for someone that’s totally inspired by vinyl. Sure some of these gift ideas are cheesy, but hey, your crate digging loved one will appreciate the thought. Check out the gift picks:

A New Service That Will Have You Building The Ultimate Vinyl Collection

Nowadays it seems like everything is a subscription service. Netflix brings you films on demand, while Birchbox keeps you properly groomed and Stitchfix keeps your wardrobe ever changing. But what about music lovers? Remember the days of Columbia House, where you’d get 10 CDs for a penny and every month thereafter you’d get music sent your way catered to your tastes? Well, it’s been a long time since CD’s were that in demand, but the gradual upswing in vinyl has made a whole new music-subscription service happen.

The program is called The Edit, a service that lives exclusively via text. Everyday you are sent a text inquiring about a daily vinyl selection....

Best Books About Records 2015

For the die-hard vinyl collector, the most obvious focus of their finds is well, vinyl. However, the art of digging manifests itself in so many other things, with books being a major component. Books about vinyl are almost as important as the vinyl itself, considering there is invaluable references available in paperback and hardcover, as well as stories of individuals like you who have documented their journey for the love of wax. In 2015 we received three really great books about the art of vinyl collecting and the people behind them. From bits on the art of collecting and stories of infamous record stores to people with major home catalogs, these books contain priceless information…almost as priceless as your actual record collection. There are also photographs that are beautiful, making these books ready for a book shelf or a coffee table. Check out the three major releases from this year, and head to your local book store to grab them, because much like keeping record stores in business, we should keep those book stores in business too!

An article by journalist Kathy Iandoli entitled "Vinyl Finds Are Everywhere At the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market"... where she speaks on the now infamous Flea Market.... a two-day event... which was named one of the Best Flea Markets In America by the Huffington Post... and boasts over 200 vendors since its inception back in 2013....The market is filled with interesting finds—from t-shirts to rock-inspired coasters and even a 3-D printer where Buddha-esque statues are printed on command (the coolest one being of the Notorious B.I.G.)....For vinyl enthusiasts, though, the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market can be a surprisingly great adventure.."  Definitely a good read.  Take a look..... 

Here is an article by journalist Kathy Iandoli title "The Lost Art of Cratedigging"... where she speaks on the Roosevelt Hotel Record Conventions in NYC... with classic photos of Q-Tip, Mr. Walt of the Beatminers, etc.    "....To acquire the vinyl, they would hunt. They raided record stores and hit record fairs in the early morning hours to scour through crates and crates of wax. The Roosevelt Hotel Record Convention on E. 45th Street in New York City was a big one. Dealers would gather and legends of hip-hop’s Golden Age would arrive and peel through the layers of vinyl to find what they needed."  Definitely a good read.  Take a look..... 

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DJ Premier bought his three-year-old son a turntable and some Stevie Wonder 45s for his introduction to music


DJ Premier bought his three-year-old son a turntable and some Stevie Wonder 45s for his introduction to music


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