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A New Service That Will Have You Buidling the Ultimate Record Collection

By Kathy Iandoli

Nowadays it seems like everything is a subscription service. Netflix brings you films on demand, while Birchbox keeps you properly groomed and Stitchfix keeps your wardrobe ever changing. But what about music lovers? Remember the days of Columbia House, where you’d get 10 CDs for a penny and every month thereafter you’d get music sent your way catered to your tastes? Well, it’s been a long time since CD’s were that in demand, but the gradual upswing in vinyl has made a whole new music-subscription service happen.

The program is called The Edit, a service that lives exclusively via text. Everyday you are sent a text inquiring about a daily vinyl selection. You text "Yes" if you want the record, and it’s shipped right to you. It’s as simple as that. The service is free, but the vinyl isn’t (market value is on a case by case basis), and if your phone plan has limited texts (if that’s still a thing), then perhaps this isn’t the service for you. It’s especially problematic for those of us who may text "YES!" to everything. However, if you exercise some restraint and are adamant about curating a specialized collection, then something like The Edit will be the ideal asset for building your vinyl empire. And sure, these people don’t know you, but your texts conversations will give them an idea of your tastes. As The Edit suggests vinyl daily, you can reply with a LIKE or DISLIKE for the selection. Eventually you and your vinyl subscription service will become the best of friends. It’s an unconventional way to feed a classic addiction, but for some that’s the ultimate fix. Give it a shot and let us know how it works out. We’re not touching it though, for budgetary reasons.

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